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Today I’m launching! It’s a website I’ve built where you can play Canastra for free, without ads, both single-player and multi-player.

Canastra is a card game, quite popular in Southern Brazil. There are several variations of the game, but for now only supports one set. Read the rules on our website.


I’ve built the game in 2018 to play with my significant other, as we couldn’t find anything that was both multiplatform and that supported the subset of rules we wanted to play. Since then, our families and us play it on a weekly basis.

This year, after becoming unemployed, I put my efforts into polishing and finishing the game for public release. Right now I’m bearing all the costs alone, but if you want to contribute, check our donations page.


There aren’t any plans for the future of the game just now. The bot needs more work, as just taking random actions isn’t smart. I’ll also likely introduce new game modes, or the ability to customize the rules for each game.

However, one things is clear: the game will always be free and without ads. If there is demand I might implement a few paid resources, but the game as it is today will always be free without ads.

Thank you!